The people`s cholera

By Yolanda Morín | @yolandamorin

The victory of Donald Trump has been like a hurricane that has taken everything ahead of
it: the guess of the polls and experts forecasts, the tranquility of the intellectual elites and
the certainties of the business centers, the sufficiency of the Politicians and the arrogance of
the media. The force of the gale has left the world out of breath. It has been like a tsunami
whose shock waves reach our shores. In all the West the peoples are in cholera. The System
had chosen not to see it, since the Trump´s victory it can no longer be ignore.

For months we have heard the "specialists" repeat it incessantly that the North-american
people were not going to put their destiny in the hands of a clown, a jester, or a storyteller.
The first world potency would not leave the reins of its government to the populist drives of
a handful of supposedly racist and uneducated electors. That has been the refrain with
which they wanted to deceived us.

Are we in front of an "identity" reaction? There may be a lot of that, but foremost the voters
of Trump wanted to express their cholera, their frustration, their disappointment of living
worse and worse in a country that is going off the beaten path. All those whites, always mocked, ridiculed and humiliated by the media, the intellectuals, the artists and other
privileged by the System, ¿who has watched them and listened without prejudice or
contempt? Almost nobody among the analysts with the command in turn.

This afflicted and indignant nation, once rich with its industrial activities and today
devastated by unemployment and the lack of prospects, this America of the white "ghettos",
once proud of its well-earned prosperity, is today hurt by the privileges agreed to
minorities, by the moralizing intrusions of Washington and the condescension of the most
major mass media. To understand what is happening it was necessary to listen to these
people. Trump has done it.

¿White cholera? Undoubtedly, it is the alliance of the "middle class" and the "poor white
trash" which has given the victory to Donald Trump. But let's not fall into deformation or
caricature: more than 40% of women have voted for Trump, one-third of Latinos and 12%
of African-Americans. It is not, therefore, exclusively an "identity" response, it is the
affirmation of a nation that has wanted to express its cholera for living every day worse in a
country that is breaking before its eyes.

That reality, the official country has not wanted to see it, as in Europe, where we do not
want to conclude the proper lessons from the signals announcing the great commotion that
is on the way. ¿The unstoppable rise of Marine Le Pen? ¿The refusal of Viktor Orban to
welcome the famous refugees? The emergence in Europe of movements and parties
opposed to massive immigration and Islamization? Those are the demons of our black past
who return: fascism, racism, nazism, etc... We know the song. With these formulas, with
these exorcisms and other magic passes are intended to solve these serious issues, by
demonizing on the way, all opposition to the policies imposed against the will of the

Trump has used the words banned by politically correct thinking: protection, borders,
cultural identity, traditional values, homeland... Not being part of the ruling caste, not being
bound by any taboo, Trump has been able to use the words that express the feelings that
others did not want to say.

We lived in the time of "happy globalization" in which free trade would bring prosperity,
exchange would abolish politics and consumption would erase the differences between
men. The factories that close, the inequalities that increase, the old ways of life that are lost,
have given a mortal hit. With the election of Donald Trump we have entered the time of
"disquiet globalization".

It has been the defeat of the politically correct, that police of the words, of the behaviors
and the thought, that in the United States have arrived to have huge proportions. Donald
Trump has made freedom of expression one of the main points of his campaign.
It has been the defeat of multiculturalism, that new political religion that reverses the duty
of integration, as it forces the host to adapt to "diversity", and criminalizes the homeowner
for trying to protect his home from intruders. The moral admonitions pronounced by a
proud and treacherous, voracious and insensitive political class, unable to solve the
problems of the people, are no longer worth anything. On a background of galloping strike
and conquering Islam, bankruptcy of values and general demoralization, multiculturalist
imposition (in the US as well as in Europe), the surrender of the country to anti-national
interests and the relegation of the true North-american people to a position of subordination
and inferiority, is felt as a provocation.

For the future of the United States, the moment is decisive. It is also for our old Europe,
facing the same popular rebellion, which must urgently find the means to placate it if it
does not want to see from north to south and from east to west, a wave of devastating

Rarely in the history has the fate of the world depended, as now, on one man. Trump has
been presented to us as a buffoon, but nothing tells us that he will not be a true statesman.
His first speech has surprised more than one, by the dignified and conciliatory tone of it.
Nothing is written, but optimism is reasonable, moreover, hope is allowed. Sophócles said:
"It is impossible to know the soul, the feelings and the thinking of a man if he has not been
seen working in the power and in the application of the laws".

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