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sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

Turkey: Two Muslim Imams Arrested for Raping Their Own Sister

In the 11 years of the AKP’s time in power, violence against women has multiplied and today, even the most vile cases of rape are beginning to be seen as ‘ordinary events.’

APTOPIX Bosnia Bratunac FuneralTurkey has been shocked by the arrest of two imams in a village near Kars in eastern Turkey accused of systematically raping their own sister, forcing her to have an abortion after being made pregnant by one of her older brothers.

In the village of Yakutiye, 21 year old HB informed the police that she had been raped by her older brother MB the previous Friday, further claiming that her other older brother AB had systematically raped her while she lived together with him. The girl, who had lost her mother seven years ago and her father last year, asserted that she had at one point been left pregnant by one of her older brothers, both of whom are imams in the Directorate of Religious Affairs, and had to get an abortion.

After being arrested, the older brother of the 21 year old AB admitted to his crime, and stated that he had raped his sister due to pressure created by his position, while her other older brother MB added that he had given money to his younger sister as a part of the relationship he imposed.

Both imams are currently under arrest as prosecutors get to the bottom of this horrific crime.

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